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Deal with your emotions now

Sometimes life is tough and the way we deal with it directly affects how we feel. Our emotional response can lead to or sustain stress, anxiety, low mood and depression.

Knowing which emotions we need to deal with is the first step. Understanding them and making changes to allow them to do their job properly is the next step.

As an online programme, the MYE approach can help you or your children today.

Emotions: best friends for life

There are no negative emotions. All our emotions are there for a reason: to tell us something important for our health and well-being. For example, they might indicate we need to change harmful behaviours, address a threatening situation or to simply take a break.

MYE helps you identify the emotions you are experiencing and the messages they are communicating. With this information you are better equipped to take the appropriate action.

man sitting with his dog - our emotions are part of us

Your emotional profile

With the MYE programme that's right for you, you start by answering a set of questions. MYE assesses your input and instantly returns a detailed report about the key emotions and behaviours affecting your life.

This emotional profile helps you to see which behaviour might be dominating your life and the emotions driving that behaviour. Awareness of how emotions affect you help you to make all those important changes to your life.

MYE helps identify emotions that affect your behaviour

An action plan to guide you

When you are ready to make changes in your life, you can work with the MYE action plan, which is generated instantly, online, for you. Based on your emotional profile report, the recommended actions and practical exercises will guide you towards a better, more enjoyable life.

After two weeks, you answer a few more questions and MYE directly returns a progress report so you can see just how much you have improved. With MYE, you can deal with your emotions.

MYE gives you a practical action plan and monitors progress

Developed by experts for you

MYE is the combined result of over 40 years of research and observations of adults and children's behaviours and associated emotions.

The language used in all MYE programmes is the actual terminology used by children and adults during emotional therapy sessions. Content has been developed from real sessions and workshops.

With the easy to understand approach of MYE, you appreciate what each action means for you.

MYE is the result of research and observations of adults and children's behaviours and associated emotions

A winning team

Chris Hunt, director of Manage Your Emotions Ltd. is delighted and honoured to have been recognised as the winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise.

The Prime Minister recommended the award to HRH the Queen, and the Queen has graciously confirmed the award.

Winner of the Queen's Award for Enterprise 2012

What the experts say

This is terrific: it is an invaluable tool

Dr. Nigel Cowley, Denmark Road Medical Centre

I have been impressed by how effectively the MYE course has delivered real change in patients lives without recourse to medication. It has the capacity to deliver those 'light bulb' moments and provides the GP with a valuable tool in managing mental health issues.

Dr Piers Wilde, Clinical Commissioning Locality Lead

...would work equally well as a stand alone or as part of a therapeutic relationship.

Andrew Charters, Child Psychiatrist, Barnsley

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An action plan specific to you

See results today. The MYE online system returns your report and action plan instantly.

Answer a set of questions and immediately receive your emotional profile. You can then get to work with a personalised action plan - your guide to making the changes that are right for you.

Still coping with the emotional turmoil associated with stress, anxiety, low mood or depression? Start your MYE programme and take control of your life.

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